This is a great follow-on to the 'Judged' video I posted earlier this week and is (at least for me) a captivating thought.

So right, we're wrong is the title of a chapter in 'Out of the Question, Into the Mystery' by Leonard Sweet and the thought has never left me. I read it about 3 years ago and it has changed the way I think about the world and my faith. If you've never read it, it is awesome. In a nutshell, Leonard challenges us to stop trying to have all the 'answers' about God and start enjoying the mystery of who He is - I mean think about, if we had all the answers then He wouldn't be God - mystery is a part of faith.

Anyway in the chapter Leonard shares a story about how his neighbor's basketball hoop fell over and hit his car and scratched the door. Naturally, Leonard held the neighbor responsible and asked him to pay for the cost to fix it. The neighbor refused - Leonard [naturally] was frustrated and felt justified.

Then it hit him, what is more important here; the relationship or being right? What's more important getting the scratch fixed, getting legal involvement if necessary and destroying the relationship with a guy who knows he is a Christian, or forgiving and being willing to be wronged for the sake of what is Right?

I think we do this a lot. We forget what is most important, forgetting others and the greater purpose of our lives and seek justification for ourselves and our needs. I think we Christians have spent a lot of time defending how right we are on matters both small and large, that we've become wrong. Our faith calls us to do what does not come naturally, it is unnatural to love like Jesus, forgive like Jesus and be the peacemakers in a world of full of tension.

I'm not saying we are wrong on our stance for protecting life, but we have become so right, so elitist, so righteous that we wrong the name of Jesus, we wrong the greater cause. We have been too willing to sacrifice the life of the one aborting to try and protect the aborted life. They both need our love. We have been too willing to divide, fight and justify on the grounds of 'rightness' - that we've become the wrong voice in our culture.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing - that will probably stick with me for a while too.

So right I can be wrong.

Iloveaussies said...

turkey would go under the "all things delicious" category! so I didn't technically leave it out

Alexis said...

It seems like everywhere I turn I am hearing about getting God out of the box... and understanding that I might not always understand.

Love the new look.

Rachelle said...

Thanks for swinging by my your blog by the way ;)

allie said...

Can't wait to read that book!
My watchword for the last couple of years has been 'learning to kive with mystery' - so that writer sounds like a kindred spirit.

I remember a time when I suggested to my DH that we put double sliding doors from our lunge to the patio.
It was as though he didn't even HEAR me!

A while later, my adult son arrived and suggested the exact thing.

Guess what?

DH was all over the idea and instantly implemented it.

I was MAD!
Felt underrated and demeaned.

Until I heard that still small voice ask me with a smile:
"Did you want the doors or did you want to be right?"

Big, kind lesson.

Love your blog's new look!