To Have Been A Pioneer

Posted by Kevin |

I love Abram Arkhipov's paintings. I had posted about another of his a little while ago (here), but am always drawn in by his work.

He painted in a form that became known as 'Eventless,' as it was intended to be a simple perspective or glimpse into another’s life. Each of his paintings makes you feel like you are next to the person and, at least for me, I can associate feelings with the painting.

I like this one as it reminds me of the many trips I've taken, driving across the States and (out of boredom) imagining what it would have been like to be an early pioneer. What would it have been like to cross the un-touched land in a covered wagon? What would it have been like to cross the flat plains of Kansas and reach the formidable foothills of the Rocky Mountains? Crazy.

Also reminds me of Oregon Trail - forging rivers, spacebar hunting and family members dying of scurvy.


Denise said...

advice: don't eat the wild fruit!! someone will die if you do! mostly of dysentery!

Kevin Davis said...

Dysentery - that's the one I couldn't remember - that game was awesome. I found an online version that you can play - I'll have to google it.