Review: For Young Men Only

Posted by Kevin |

I got invited to do another book review with Multanomah Books - this time for the new addition to the researched based 'Only' series by the Feldhahn's.

Julie and I spent our fifth anniversary in Florida earlier this year and used some of the time to read 'For Men Only' and 'For Women Only' respectively. We both enjoyed them and they added not just to our understanding of one another, but also to the understanding of ourselves. It is always good to learn something new, especially when it can enrich your relationship.

The newest book is 'For Young Men Only' and is a guide for all those soon-to-be men trying to figure the opposite sex out. Which is no easy task.

I enjoyed the book and feel like they focused in on the real questions young men are trying to find answers to. And as a part of the series, it utilized research to validate and disintegrate myths about the opposite sex.

My hope for my two little boys is that I can raise them to not just be a gentleman and understand sex and girls better than I did - but help them realize that just because you find a girl attractive, doesn't mean you should date her. So many friends of mine were ruined by the relationship I tried to pursue with them. I want my boys to not waste their time dating and not waste a good friendship by involving emotions and commitments that are beyond their years.

In the end it was a good book and you can pick up a copy up here.