Pork-Barrel Faith

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I was thinking about the bailout this week, as I assume you were too, and then I began to think about my life, my faith and my hope. Where do I put my faith? Where or in who do I hope for a better tomorrow?

And as I was trying to wrap my mind around 700 billion dollars (...thinking of Dr. Evil) and the inevitable pork-barrel funds that are tucked away in that big number, I got so frustrated by the situation. To think that people got rich off the circumstances that brought need for a bailout and then to think that others will get rich off of the bailout itself - it is so aggravating.

But then it raised a question in my own life - if you could quantify your lifetime, the years you lived, the energy you spent, the people you loved and those you didn't - how pork-barrel would your faith had seem? Did it make a difference? Was it squandered?

Does my faith have an impact in my day-to-day life?

Did me having faith make me different than those without?

And then I started thinking about how even among our 'believing' selves, how pork-barrel our faith is. We denominationally and doctrinally divide ourselves over what? Pork-barrel faith? How much of what you believe is really worth fighting or even dieing for? I believe there are some, but the list is really short.

So yeah, I went from bailout to unity in Christiandom - but thought I'd share. What do you think?


allie said...

Big questions - and good ones!

I think sometimes the questions being asked is as important than getting answers.

I guess this might be one of those times

Anonymous said...

nice post
i hope i am a good non pork-barreling christian

Hazel said...

Hi Kevin!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. As for unity in the body of Christ, I think you're right... there aren't many things actually serious enough to keep us at odds with each other. Especially when we know that God loves unity and wants it for His body. There is power in unity and we lose so much power and influence by our own infighting, etc. As the Good Book says, they should know us by our love for one another. When we major on the minors (our differences)we lose something. There's no doubt about it. I may use this as a topic for my next post. Thanks, Kevin!