How could such evil exist?!?

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This is the kind of story that makes me ask, 'What the hell?!'

I think everyone will have the same opinion, but it drives to some deep questions.

I caught wind of this story, then read an article and can't understand how or why. A mom microwaved her 2 month old for 2 minutes - the baby cooked from the inside out. Enough said! How could that happen? How can humans do such evil to others? How could God let it happen? How can such evil exist?

I don't think God is intimidated by such questioning - in fact I think he wants us to wrestle with it and ask the hard questions. These kind of stories affect me and I have to fight the tendency to pretend I did not just hear that. Humans have such an amazing capacity for good - and for a darkness and an evil that is hard to fathom.

Crazy to say the least.

Articles, here and here.
Associated Press video.

Side note: The fattest baby I've ever seen, on video here.


Brad said...

when i opened the article it had a "Direct Buy" kitchen appliance add in the middle of it. Now that is true evil.

Francois said...

How on earth can somebody do such a thing?

Kevin Davis said...

Brad - that is warped irony!