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So we just returned from a 9 day trip to the south that included the Smokey Mountains, visiting friends & family, going to a wedding and hanging out with my brother and sister's families at a cabin - we had an exhaustingly-great time, drove 2100 miles and are glad to be home.

I was proud to conclude a trip like that being more in love with my wife and boys then when we started. It wouldn't be hard to imagine 9 days together and 2100 miles in a car together calling for some 'personal time,' but I miss my wife and boys right now and was sad to leave to work today, for more than than the normal reasons. I love my wife and my two sons, I'm glad I have them and feel very blessed to have the life I have.


Ryan Billings said...

There's nothing like a trip to the south to remember how good you really have it... ;)

Kevin Davis said...

Ryan - why don't you post something already?

Ry's Girl, Ashley said...

Ryan - When was your last trip to the south to help you remember how good you have it!? ... We live in the midwest, and you have it great. :) It's not always about where you are... you know the rest.

Kevin - I think its a rare characteristic to be able to go on a trip and not just grow as a family, but realize that you've grown, and cherish it. It seems more than not people tend to take others for granted when together for a long period of time. I'm guilty of it as well, but i can also relate to what you describe, as i would call it, as exponential love. Continuously growing over time. When im not caught up in life, i realize the 'love squared' emotions that consume me. These overwhelming feelings happen often, but could, and probably should, happen more. I attribute the recognition of these feelings to the fact that im a very passionate person, but many don't relate, and confuse my passion with something else. I know I've only met you once, and i really don't know you at all... but i really liked this blog, and felt that i shared that "more than the normal" feeling from time to time, which seems to be so hard to explain and others to understand. So i thought i might comment.. what the heck right?

Kevin Davis said...

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for the comment and hopefully we'll get to know each other more. You two should come visit us in Michigan – better yet you should escape OK while you can and move here!

But speaking of exponential love - if you want kids, just wait until the ridiculous love you'll feel for them. The love I have for my boys is so unbelievable and indescribable. My wife and I often just laugh when we talk about our boys, 'cause there's no way do describe what we both seem to be feeling.

Ryan Billings said...

^That's the way you used to speak of me...:( And don't listen to Ashley, she forgot to take her meds!;)

I haven't posted yet because I'm still trying to figure out what I really want to accomplish with a blog. My first thought was to post an article (probably political, religious, or media heavy in nature) and try to break it down as unbiased as I possibly can. It's proven to be rather difficult - nearly impossible and time consuming. Maybe I'll just blog about EMO stuff.

Julie said...


Jewel said...

I was really sad about the thought of you leaving for work today. We have a great family and an amazing life due to your hard work and commitment to us! Thank you for being a great daddy to our boys and an amazing husband!

Rachel Brannen said...

Hey Guys!
Rachel from CO here.
Your boys are soooo cute!
You all looked great to!
Hope you are well - sounds like it.
Rachel Brannen
PS we love the south :)