Young Addict

Posted by Kevin |

So - I was told that my blog is a little too serious, which I can accept. Though I won't apologize for it, I'd thought I'd lighten things up with this awesome picture of my youngest, Kaiden, snorting (aka licking) a line of cocaine (aka sugar) at lunch today. We laughed really hard, probably looked like completely irresponsible parents and now I'm posting it on my blog.

Good times.


Nicky said...

That *is* hilarious!! Thanks for being brave enough to post it...;o) LOL

Aaron K. said...

The train kept rollin' all night long!

Ryan B. said...

Marijuana probably would have been the preferred "starter" drug.

His new name is Cokaiden!

Mike McGarvey said...

I know of a recovery program if you are interested.

Kevin Davis said...

Mike - what age do they start accepting addicts? I probably need an intervention for my sugar addiction too. I can hear Kaiden now - 'I learned it from watching you dad!'