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Why the third place?

My beautiful family on flickr.

Interested in having me speak? Email me: kevin@thethirdplaceonline.com

I'm a pretty regular guy, husband, follower of Jesus, lover of the Church, futurist and father. I have a B.A. in Religion and live to embody the anti-religious Way of Jesus in my daily life. I love life, I love God and I love people.

My family consists of my beautiful, hard working, makes-me-better-all-the-time partner, best friend and spouse Julie Ann or simply Jewel (who happens to be pregnant right now). Then there is my 4 year old, thrill-seeker, conservationist, lover of life and silly little buddy - Micah John. And definitely not least is my almost 2, follows-brother-everywhere, thrill-seeker #2 Kaiden Michael or KK for short.