My Fight

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Don't misunderstand me posting a video of a boxing match I was in. I by no means think of my self as a BA or even a fighter. But I have a list of dreams, personal things I want to accomplish before I die. One is to hike the highlands of Scotland someday, another is to visit South Korea, another is to build a library in my home (complete with a fireplace, English bulldog, pipe to smoke with and lots and lots of books). But I also decided that I wanted to have one real fight in my life, to step into a ring with another guy and throw down. So, I did it and all my buddies came and one video taped (thus the youtube) and another took pictures - it was awesome. The guy I fought who is obviously muscular is a Marine and had just returned a few months prior from Iraq. So it was a fun, one time experience. I trained for 3 months in a boxing gym and lost 15 pounds for the fight, which was held in a bar in Flint, Michigan.


ponderingloudly said...

that is the coolest thing ever! Way to step in and do that.

My best friend and I once during college got to talking about how we had never been really hit, so we ended up taking a long flexible limb, almost like a whip, and giving each other a good crack across the back. I hurt so freakin bad, but we laugh pretty hard about it now.

This differently bets that, too funny!

All you need to do now is write a twangy country song about how you lived like you where dieing, or wait that may have already been done