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I continue to get great joy out of my son's perspective on life.

Just yesterday he was inquiring as to why Jesus was carrying around that X on his back - which I thought was hilarious. It was funny to try and put the pieces of that thought together - and this picture is what I imagined he saw it as - like in Sesame Street.

He has also been struggling to understand some of the abstract thoughts about God and Jesus.

One day Micah said, "I just want to meet Jesus."
Dad: "You can, when you go to heaven."
Micah: "I just want to die so I can meet Jesus."
Dad/Mom: "Ummm?"

Another time we were praying before he went to bed and I prayed something like this, "God let Micah grow up to follow you and your design for his life."
Micah: "Why's God follow people?"
Dad: "No - I meant that you would follow Him."
Micah: "I don't want God to follow me, can you tell him to go away?"
Dad: "[through laughter] Never mind what I said, God loves you and ummm? Just go to sleep."

And just the other day Micah asked, "Why did Moses die?"
Dad: "Because everybody dies."
Micah: "But why did Moses die?"
Dad: "Because he lived a long time ago."
Micah: "But I just wanted to meet him."
Dad: [because I'm an idiot] "You can when you go to heaven."
Micah: "So Moses is alive?"
Dad: "Ummm? Well? Yeah - sort of - he's in heaven with Jesus"

It is fun to try and explain this stuff to a 4 year old and while doing so realize that without faith all this bible stuff seems pretty ridiculous. Fatherhood is a great adventure.


Alexis said...

When our infant daughter died last year it forever altered the way my (then two) now three year old saw death.

He talks about wanting to die...go on a rocket and die...stuff like that all.the.time. Because now death is so normal it even happens to babies. :/ It really comes from a sweet place but it's so hard to hear and even harder to explain sometimes.

But on the funny flip side of that he is irritated that his little sister has all his buble bee fish..because they died...so clearly they are in heaven and Eden has them.

Kids are great.

Kevin Davis said...

Alexis - thanks for sharing - that made me laugh. Death is no easy thing for sure and there take on it is priceless. Kids are a real blessing.

The Running Golfer said...

So cool Kevin! Micah is an original, for sure.