Are You Hardcore?

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I sent this out on Twitter last week some time, but the message keeps ringing in my ears. I love anyone who has musical talent and something to say at the same time. K'Naan is cool because he wants to not just make music, but raise awareness of his country and their war.

But, the message of this was really good - very pointed. And it's not just for the Eminems and 50Cents of the world, all of us think we have earned our stripes in different areas of life and though we probably don't think of our self as hardcore, we do think we're awesome. It's good to gain new perspectives and realize how good we really do have it here.



Heather Nicole said...

wow, your right, this video really does put things into perspective. Thanks for sharing this...

Rich Schmidt said...

That video reminds me of the thoughts, reflections, and feelings kindled by the move Blood Diamond (which my wife and I just saw recently) and the 2-hour "24" special event that was on TV before the current season started. Both dealt with child soldiers and the insane everyday violence that ravages parts of Africa.

Thank you for sharing the video.

Kevin Davis said...

Heather - you're welcome.

Rich - I haven't seen Blood Diamonds yet - but I will add it to the Netflix queue. Thanks for stopping by.