I just watched this video over on Ragamuffin Soul and had to share it. This is an unusual perspective from an atheist, and it really challenged me. How much do you have to hate someone to not share your faith if you truly believe it is the answer? I once heard it said that you can't truly care for someone without caring for them spiritually. You can't say you love someone without also caring for their soul, for their eternity, for their relationship with God - if that is what you really believe.



Denise said...

i don't like that man...

lol and i put my apology in before Christmas... i'm off the naughty list!!!

Kevin Davis said...

Well I don't know much about him, but I liked what he had to say.

Karli Kristine Zimmermann said...

I really appreciate that you posted this. I think it is so important to get the perspective of those who do not follow Christ. Why? They are the reason we are sent.
Perhaps in understanding their heart, we will know how to best meet their needs- whatever they may be.
i was blessed and convicted. thanks kev.

Taylor Lyall said...

So good dude. I might have to steal this one. See it's a give and take relationship we have.

Ryan Billings said...

You do know who this is, right?

It's Penn Fraser Jillette from the entertainment duo Penn and Teller.

It's well known that he is an atheist. The duo have a great show on Showtime called Bullshit!.

Check out the wiki exert about the show.!

Kevin Davis said...

Karli - those are my feelings too.

Taylor - tis the season to give and take from one another's blogs.

Ryan - I do know who he is, which is why I loved it all the more. It is a very uniques prespective to hear from an atheist.

Ryan Billings said...

I thought so.

Have you seen his show?