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Took a few days off from the blog world, but didn't really get to relax much either.

This past weekend flew by, my blackberry crapped out, laptops and internet were fighting, Sunday was so busy I can't really remember what all we did (but we did have dessert at Chili's which was awesome) and then it was back to work in the turbulent times of the auto industry.

We took Kaiden in for a swallow test yesterday at Detroit's Children's Hospital - we are trying to figure out why he chokes all the time. So they strapped him to a chair, fed him food and shot radiation through his little bod - Julie got to watch the whole thing, said it was really cool. Anyway, turns out he has 'Oral Motor Dysplasia,' which is a fancy way of saying he has a lazy tongue or more accurately he doesn't swallow correctly.

So we are starting the OMD foundation for kids who can't swallow correctly - just kidding. Nothing a few physical therapy sessions won't cure for the little guy.

And in the end it is almost time to celebrate Turkey and all I have to be Thankful for, with the bonus of a few extra days off! Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I would totally write a theme song for your foundation to go with all your commercials.
p.s. everytime i comment i get an email saying that your email is wrong...not sure why that is.

Anonymous said...

p.s.s. how would I get involved in doing book reviews? it sounds like a cool thing to do with your time.

Kevin Davis said...

Justin - let me know how the theme song comes along. I'll forward your name to the publisher I work with - they'll contact you from there.

Not sure on the email thing - I'll check?

Francois said...

I had the same problem when I was young, couldn`t swallow probably. It took a minor operation under my tongue to fix it. The good thing was that I spent the rest of my youth in an upright position instead of being dangled by my ankles by adults trying to get something out of my throat. I was a pre-Heimlich Manuever kid...

Ps. you`re email is wrong Kev, just a typo in the address. I`ve also had those returned emails.