One Of My Dreams In Life Is Complete

Posted by Kevin |

Exactly one year ago I checked off a life dream of mine - to enter a ring and box somebody and survive. I posted the actually footage here and it explains more of the why. I remember telling people that I was going to do it and so many people thought it was dumb. The first time I spared someone, I too thought it was dumb. But when the actual night came, I was in shape, I had been trained, my family and good friends were there and it was an amazing experience. It felt like I had whip-lash for a week, but is a night that I will never forget. A night when I did it because I wanted to. And now I know 'I couldn't have been a contenda.'

Pursuing your dreams in life is a fun and crazy ride.


Ryan Billings said...

Well, you proved you could take a beating. ;)

Now, try MMA

Francois said...

Wow, that`s awesome!

Kevin Davis said...

It was good times - no MMA Ryan. I survived, that's enough.

Nicky said...

The pic with the advil bottle is the best! LOL Great job!