Election Ethnic Change

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This picture made me cry laughing - don't know if it does it for you, but it sure did for me.

So after much internal debate and questioning I'm headed to the voting booth to cast my vote. I have wrestled with not just the 'issues' we always talk about, but also the system as a whole.

I'm proud to say that I'm voting for a whole-life perspective and not just the typical pro-life approach. I believe there are a lot of issues that need to be address in our country, but with a clear conscience maintain that my faith and hope is in Jesus alone - not Obama or McCain's victory in this election.

So, here's to tomorrow as our country moves on with it's life and here's to the change we all want, though we don't agree on the approach.


Ryan Billings said...

Obama looks like a skinny Terminator (Arnold).

Kevin Davis said...

He does - kinda creepy.

Bob said...

Looks like they used John Edwards hair - at $325 per cut -

Ryan Billings said...

How much was Cindy McCain's RNC outfit Bob? :)

Michael Perry said...

Could you be a little more specific on what "whole life perspective" means?

Kevin Davis said...

Sure Mikey,

Here is a great article on the conversation - http://eugenecho.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/the-abortion-conversation/

But I agree with Republicans on the stance against abortion, but I strongly disagree with their fiscal conservatism that refuse to fund and educated the same woman. I had an earlier post about how we are all about saving the aborted life and careless in throwing the aborter's life away. They both need Christ's love. Plus, if I really want to make an stand against abortion it cannot be on a ballot alone, it happens at my local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Mikey said...

Kev, I read the attached lengthy post. The Schaeffer guy seems very angry and bitter. I would like to remind him that last time I checked we still had a volunteer army. If he is unpleased with his son's choice to serve than bashing the country does little to help that. Interstingly I would like to get his son's take on his dad's viewpoint. While you raise some good points and have legitimate concerns what I find frustrating is that all I ever hear from the emerging evangelical left is how we need to "dialogue" and no answers. With all due respect to Mr. Cho he didn't really give anything other than a dire prognonsis on how the legislation might play out. Posting someone else's opinion isn't a stance. But does that justify impotence at the ballot box? What's worse a pro-lifer who votes to do what he can or an emergent who believes that electing someone based on the issue is irrelevant citing community activism but somehow never follows through? Let's be brutally honest isn't the pro-lifer at least doing something by voting his convictions? I don't know how people who say they follow Jesus can justify voting for someone who has consistently sided with abortionists. Your right about them both needing Christ's love but aren't you politically throwing out the baby with the bathwater? Even deeper though, what comes first politics or religion? Do we vote our beliefs or do we morph our beliefs to fit our politics? I believe it is intellectually schizophrenic to say you believe with pro-life and vote the opposite way. You are in effect stradling the fence, and inevitably your actions speak louder than words.

Kevin Davis said...

Mikey - I'm with you on the Schaeffer guy - I really was focused on the first gal that he re:posted (should have told you that).

As to the dialogue no answers bit, I understand what you are saying, but a lot of what they say and I agree with is that for too long the 'religious' voice of politics has told people how to vote, rather than stimulated them on how to think. Which is why I can't stand Dobson and FOTF doing the political stuff because they said to vote for Bush, which at least I feel like was a mistake.

Yes the pro-lifer is doing something, but lets continue being brutally honest that it isn't that easy and far too many traditional pro-lifers just vote - that's it. They also over simplify the complexity of every election and adamantly hold the pretense that it is the most important issue - every time - period. It is interesting that you say 'continually,' 'cause McCain is exactly the traditional pro-lifer vote - so you make a concession, which can be on either side of the political fence.

I disagree with the last sentence, in that, you're still boiling down all of my faith to voting on one issue. My faith also says to do more for the poor, not fight stupid political wars, govern not by the power of your military but by the power of your morality, steward the creation of God - things that are by no means a Republican straight ticket.

This would go over better with our pipes and some Smithwick's...

Kevin Davis said...

Here's another good post on the idea of whole-life, which is more really just a better definition of pro-life.