Life Is Going Way Too Fast...

Posted by Kevin |

This photo was taken by my buddy Jason Harper and captures the personality of my Micah. It was actually just published in a local parenting journal.

But I've been thinking about my buddy all day today, because today he started preschool. In the grand scheme of things it really isn't that big of an event, but it hit me how fast this whole thing is moving. He really was just born the other day, three and three quarters of year ago. And now, all of the sudden he is going to class for a few hours, two days a week. And now, he has opinions and his own thoughts and plans. I never thought I'd be the one to complain about feeling old, and I'm not trying to be - but he is growing up too fast, or life is moving too fast or I'm not paying close enough attention.

It is weird to think about as a parent, knowing tomorrow all-of-the-sudden your kids are out of the house and having kids of their own. Life just moves too fast. Before I know it, that knight in the picture will just be a memory and the majority of these fleeting moments will be forgotten.

Kinda makes me sad to think about, but it also motivates me to soak up every minute I have with him today - because tomorrow comes too fast.


Julie said...

Amen to that! Been a wierd day of emtotions for me too.

Ryan Billings said...

The last part of your blog is the best advice. If you live life for each day and not for everything in the future, time will in essence slow down. I have to curb my want to not be in Oklahoma, my want for next weeks game, my want for the weekend. It makes everything go so fast. Slow down people!

Kevin Davis said...

Word Ryan - slow down. As I was thinking through the post, I realize my problem is how future focused I am. I'm always thinking about tomorrow, next year, five years - where will we be? who should we be? bla bla

Though being future focused isn't necessarily bad - I just have to remember to enjoy today, soak up the 'now'.


Yup... life is short enough for us to speed things up, ya know? Big ups on having the pic in the parenting journal, dude... that's great! Are you going to the Catalyst Conference?


Kevin Davis said...

D-Plum - no, but I plan on keeping up with the back stage stuff Ann Jackson is doing.

Ryan Billings said...

Still being in school, I can't stop wanting for the semester to be over. Man, it's week 7 and I feel like it was blink.

PS congrats on the parenting publication.