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allie said...

Oh dear God!

That is chilling.

What a mess we have made of so many things -
So many people have been put off the Lord because of the church's attitudes . . .

God forgive us!

Thanks for posting this, Kevin

Francois said...

Wow, profound stuff Kevin.

N8'sSpace said...

I love this video...it is so important for us to use compassion in our dialogue with people. One word or just the way you say it can turn someone away.

Ryan Billings said...

Jesus needs a better PR person.

Heather Nicole said...

WOW, that was upsetting to see.

I pray that God will help me (and my fellow Christians) to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. And I pray that God will help me show forgivness, kindness, understanding and mercy to others the same as God has shown to me.