Cut Me to the Soul

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I'm not a big Sarah Groves fan but I ran across this music video of her's on another blog and it reminded me of some things that changed me.

One of her lines is that she saw things on a trip that cut her to the soul. That phrase took me back to trips I took to Australia, Peru and Honduras. Three places I've been that changed me; people I saw, poverty I hadn't imagined, living conditions I had only previously seen on some TV program or in a movie. Trips I took that put my American lifestyle in perspective and deeply affected me.

I saw people who had nothing, but loved with all that they were. I saw worshipers gather in the simplest of ways and worship in one of the purest ways. I saw people genuinely happy, not because of what they had but because of who they were.

These were experiences that cut me deep in my soul and I'll never be the same.


Mah said...

Oi , thank you By comment in my blog! Lap always! reciprocate

Rev Med said...

Just so you know; I in NO WAY WHATSOEVER can corelate Hollister, MO with Hollister Clothing CO. That place gives me a headache walking past it, dang perfume.
It may not be the Ritz-Carlton (sp?), but free college is worth living here. Plus almost the cheapest gas in the states.

When you get a 360 let me know - we'll trade straight up.