One Rockin' 80's Party!

Posted by Kevin |

This weekend we celebrated my sister's 28th Birthday and what better way to surprise someone born in 1980 then by dressing up?

It was awesome. We know we have good friends, but this weekend confirmed how freaking cool they are. From walkmens, frizzy hair, jump suits, mullets, the NES powerpad, Cabbage Patch Kids and Jello Jigglers - we had a blast and Chrystal was totally surprised!

If you Facebook - here are some other pics from our friend Hollie.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome
man the good old days...
I remember meeting your family in that ghetto neighborhood near King Soopers and Tim teased me cause I couldn't guess his name!
You were probably wearing those same clothes when we met ;)

Mike McGarvey said...

awesome, Julie's hair is ridiculous.

Francois said...

Awesome stuff, looks like a great party. I reckon it`s the coolest party theme cos you can do so much with it.

Kevin Davis said...

Francois - definitely a cool theme - some many options it was hard to decide. Then I found purple muscle pants and it was a done deal.

Nicky said...

Wahhhh, I don't have facebook so I can't see the pics. I miss Chrystal...*sigh* I'm glad she had a great time for her birthday!!

candice McGarvey said...

Looks like a great time.
We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

HA! these are great pics

ponderingloudly said...

looks like I missed one kickin party!

When's a good time to catch up on the phone?