Kwame's Soap Opera

Posted by Kevin |

It's finally over.

An embarrassing mess of politics and legal action is over and I have to ask the question - Why did it take so long?

The mess hit a high point for me in his 'State of the City' address this year. Invitation only event and Kwame drops the 'N' word like 4 times as he emotionally rallies an applause and adds to the racial tension of the Detroit Metro area. And let me say, it is thick. I've never lived in an area so segregated as the Detroit area and it makes me miss my CO roots and the interracial flavor I took for granted. The irony about the 'N' word dropping is that almost a year earlier a huge rally was held in downtown to bury the 'N' word.

But I guess when you're a gangsta Mayor you can exhume it from time to time.



Kevin Davis said...

I just heard he gave 30% raises to all his homies who are city employees yesterday - before he disappeared and before they get fired too.

Ryan Billings said...

What a douche.

I remember his mom's outburst.

If you want, I could throw in a few bucks if you want to get back to your true home, CO!