This is the trailer to a movie that will be shown in theatres, in select cities in the Fall. You can learn more at Another organization to check out is

I've been having conversations lately about what the Christian voice in Democracy should sound like. I don't believe the sound from the conservative right, is necessarily the voice of Jesus and his love in our world. So, finding organizations like these are glimpses of what I think it should look like.


Anonymous said...

I think that there is a lot of noise coming from the Conservative right, and more often than not their voice isn't reflective of all that Jesus stands for... I know this because I have experienced it, and continue to do so as I try to find my place in American politics. But even though the sound coming from that side isn't always what it should be I know that some conservatives do have their hearts in the right place and are just trying to find their place as well.

My wish would truly be that there would be no conservative right or liberal left... i personally don't like the labels... i just wish we were happy people who loved Jesus and realized that there are greater issues at hand such as the Human Trafficking, the War, and of course poverty... i think trivial things in regards to personal lifestyle should be left to God... since he's the ultimate judge. I think it's time to start taking care of each other, regardless of political affiliation.

*I think my comment is longer than your entire blog lol*

Nicky said...

Sometimes I don't feel smart enough to comment on your blogs...=/ That's my own problem, though, and it reality, I appreciate that you are opening my eyes to things I paid no attention to before. It's easy to send money to an organization fighting this in like India or feels almost like it's not real, but yet, it feels good to "help". But to hear that it's happening on home soil...somehow, it's different. =(

Kevin Davis said...

Another org to check -