Here's where I find my thoughts lately - between Modernity and Postmodernity. I can't stop thinking about and trying to define an answer for the churches current predicament. There’s plenty of opinion on the matter and I know some don't like the term post-modern, but I believe it provides enough of an umbrella for the changes we see going on in our culture. And I refer to the churches predicament, because I believe it is just that, a situation from which extrication is going to be difficult.

And when I refer to the church, I'm referring for the most part to the church of North America. It is the 'church' I was raised, schooled, molded, empowered and most importantly came into my own relationship with Jesus in. And if it weren't for the years I worked menial jobs through high school and college, where I encountered people with no interest in the church I loved, I would probably not think it was in any kind of predicament. In fact, I would probably turn a cold shoulder to the 'worldly' critics and knock the dust off of my shoes and leave them to their own demise. Why? ‘Cause that's the church education I received. There's the world and there's us, there's non-believers and believers - it's black and white. But the problem was I loved these people, some of them the best friends I've ever had. How could they hate what I love? How could they refuse to even enter the doors of a church where I had some of the most amazing experiences of my life?

I intend to dedicate a lot of my blog space to dialoguing, challenging and working towards an answer for this. An answer that needs to be pioneered for the church. How will the church and it's mission to love the world continue to exists between the fading absolutes of Modernity and the blurred, pluralistic, relative lines of Postmodernity? I want to be a part of that answer - and God help us to draft an answer that doesn't just create new sacred cows and dogma. God help us, help me to see the world the way you see it. Help us to not only see outside of the box, but to question who created the box in the first place – help us create a church with no box.