I'm going to try and make this short - but PLEASE READ THIS POST and PASS IT ON TO OTHERS!!

Some good friends of ours, Mike & Candice McGarvey, are home missionaries working with Teen Challenge. If you don't know much about Teen Challenge click here and here. In a nut shell TC is one of the largest and most successful addiction recovery programs, with centers across the US and the World. So successful is their recovery rate that 27 countries are on a waiting list, requesting TC to start a center in their country. Even though TC is faith based, countries recognize the power of its success and their need for help with the drug epidemic.

So, why I want you to read this and pass it on - well for TC to go into these countries and to continue growing here in America, they need more trained, developed and skilled workers. So, our friends have been helping TC develop an internship program to recruit future leaders and raise awareness of the TC mission. I can't do justice to the testimonies and vast mission here, but trust me it is an amazing program. But, Mike & Candice have to raise their own funds - and they need your help.

Julie and I got to spend some time with them on our vacation and it has been burning in my soul since we left. These are good people, doing a good thing and I want to take part. Julie and I have personally cranked up our support on a monthly basis for them and I'm asking that you would consider doing so. Think, 20 bucks to you is skipping a lunch out twice a month - but if you gave that to them, and as others join - they'll have what they need to develop and train leaders for this life changing mission. Maybe you can't, but your church might or your college ministry might or your mom might.

Click HERE to make a one-time donation or a monthly pledge - help Mike & Candice - help people around the world experience freedom!


Rev Med said...

"this is what it means to be free, this is what it means to know that I am forgiven!"

Rev Med said...

I'm moving from the cold on purpose. I hate -20 weather for months on end!!!